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What are the Best Used SUVs?

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SUV shopping. The process seems simple enough, right? It should be just like finding any other type of vehicle. Well, we actually don’t think so. The SUV market has changed significantly since the late 90’s. The name of the game used to be “bigger is better.” Increased oil prices and a rocky economy are changing the way we think about transportation costs, however, most SUVs …

Used Military Vehicles: How to Buy Them + Some Advice

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Purchasing used military vehicles has become much more popular over the past few years. This can be attributed to a few main reasons. First, the United States military has decided to start leaning out their assets in the most recent years. The only way to get rid of assets is to sell them to foreign militaries, scrap them, or sell them to civilians. Also, the …

Best Used Cars Under $3,000

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Even though $3,000 is an extremely low cost, you’d be surprised what you can find for that price. People tend to assume anything under $3,000 is going to be junk, but it’s important to remember what one person considers junk, another person might consider a beauty.

So you’re limiting your budget to $3,000. Whether this is because of necessity or just to be more economical, …

The Best Budget Cars Under $5000 (New and Used)

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Picking out a budget car can be a hassle; you worry about its history, its reliability, its performance and much more. After all, many cars are only selling for five grand for a reason. You might balk at these options, as there is the perception that they are usually populated by families trying to get rid of junkers that their college-bound kid won’t want …

Buying Guide to the Best Cars Under $10,000

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We get it, you’re on a budget. You would prefer not to spend the next several years paying off a car. Who would, right?! The purpose of this review is to bring you the best possible choices for cars under $10,000. However, before we proceed, we may need to make a few tiny sacrifices to get a car for under $10k. Most importantly, though, we …