Crossover to the SUV Side with These Awesome Crossover SUV’s

Crossover SUV’s are becoming very popular for car buyers. They are great performing vehicles that are built on a regular car’s platform while combining the awesome features and sporty handling of a sport utility vehicle.

We figured since they are becoming the new and popular vehicles to own that we should take bit of time to tell you about some really awesome crossover SUV’s.

2014 Audi Q5

2014 Audi Q5The 2014 Audi Q5 is a favorite among crossover SUV’s. It has a strong supercharged 2.0L engine with 4 inline cylinders. The 8 speed shiftable automatic transmission with 220 horsepower at 4450 rpm’s gives the Audi Q5 a really nice bit of pull that reminds you that you are indeed driving an SUV rather than a sedan.

The Audi Q5 has a really high fuel economy. It gets roughly 20 mpg’s in the city and 28 mpg’s on the highway on average. This is a vehicle that has super sporty handling that is made even better by the all wheel drive train and the 17.7 inch alloy wheels. The awesome brake performance aids the Audi Q5 in receiving such high crash test scores.

There are 4 doors on the Audi Q5 that open up to a welcoming cabin with grade A interior and plush seating. There is the ability to comfortably seat 5 passengers due in large part to the roomy back seat. There are a ton of extra features that makes the driving experience of the Q5 even more enjoyable. Some of the features include Bluetooth technology, satellite radio and heated seats.

2014 Subaru XV Crosstreck Hybrid

2014 Subaru XV Crosstreck HybridAnother really awesome crossover SUV is the 2014 Subaru XV Crosstreck Hybrid. It has a powerful 2.0L engine with 4 flat cylinders to give it even more power. The continuously variable speed automatic transmission has 148 horsepower at 6200 rpm’s and provides just the right amount of drive power.

The Crosstreck is also a hybrid vehicle and gets really excellent fuel economy because of it. It gets roughly 29 mpg’s in the city and 33 mpg’s on the highway due to its fuel efficient engine. The 17.7 inch alloy wheels and all wheel drive train give this crossover SUV pretty great off road capabilities as well as high crash test score. There are also a ton of safety features to make you feel at ease while driving it too.

There is ample and comfortable seating for 5 passengers in this 4 door dynamo. The Crosstreck offers stellar versatility in a small package with a spacious cabin and a very comfortable interior. There are extra features that make this an extra awesome crossover SUV and our favorite is the smartphone integration technology.

2014 Nissan Juke

2014 Nissan JukeA feisty little vehicle that would be easily missed is the 2014 Nissan Juke. This is a very affordable and very awesome crossover SUV. It may not have the biggest engine, but its 1.6L engine suits it just fine. Its engine is further aided by the 4 inline cylinders it houses as well as its continuously variable speed automatic transmission and 188 horsepower at 5600 rpm’s.

The Nissan Juke is an awesome performer with swift and agile handling. Its smaller engine size allows it to achieve much better fuel economy than some of the other crossovers that have bigger engines do. The Juke is able to get 27 mpg’s in the city and 32 mpg’s on the highway, which is not too shabby at all. The drive is nice and smooth thanks to a front wheel drive train and 17.7 inch alloy wheels.

This vehicle is on the small size, but it is still able to seat 5 passengers comfortably. Since it is a 4 door hatchback it has a little extra cargo room because of the expanded wayback area. The bench seats are made of a very comfortable cloth that goes very nicely with the cozy interior.

2014 BMW X1

2014 BMW X1When you hear the brand BMW it automatically makes you think of engine power, but the 2014 BMW X1 shockingly has an engine that is much slower than the other crossover SUV’s on our list. It has a 1.4L engine with 4 inline cylinders that provide little power. The pull that is missing from the engine is instead coming from the 6 speed shiftable automatic transmission and 138 horsepower at 4900 rpm’s.

The BMW X1 gets pretty great fuel economy due to its much smaller engine size. It is able to achieve 25 mpg’s in the city and 33 mpg’s on the highway. The front wheel drive train and 18.7 inch painted alloy wheels provide the X1 with a very nice drive as well as a very safe one.

This 4 door SUV is able to easily and comfortably accommodate 5 passengers into the super comfortable cabin. There is a surprising amount of room for a smaller crossover SUV whether you need the space for people of cargo. It is a very nice vehicle to travel in because of the limited interior noise when driving as well as the easy to use high tech features. We also have to mention that it has seriously fun exterior paint colors to add a lively touch to it.

2014 Buick Encore

2014 Buick EncoreLast on our list today is the 2014 Buick Encore and rest assured that it is not last due to its awesome features and specifications. The Encore has a super strong 2.0L engine as well as 4 inline cylinders. The 8 speed shiftable automatic transmission and 240 horsepower at 5000 rpm’s allow it to accelerate quickly and efficiently.

The Encore has sharp handling that is sporty like a sedan, which is largely due to the all wheel drive train. The drive train is also responsible for this SUV’s awesomely high crash test scores. Awesome handling and high crash scores aren’t all that the Buick Encore has to offer either. It also has pretty good fuel economy that hovers around 22 mpg’s in the city and 33 mpg’s on the highway.

This great performing and small crossover SUV has 4 doors and is able to comfortably seat 5 passengers. The interior is very comfortable and very nice in appearance. The only downside to the Buick Encore is that the cargo space is limited and the rear seating can be a little cramped for larger people.