Our Favorite 6 Passenger Vehicles of 2014

If you’re looking for 6 passenger vehicles, you’re probably looking for a multi-purpose vehicle, which is why you’ll find so many trucks in this class. They can do everything – haul your family around while hauling a big load or towing a camper.

However, the 6 passenger vehicle class is a bit of a weird class. Typically, the vehicles that can seat exactly 6 passengers are large or extended-cab pickup trucks; however, most cars or SUVs that can accommodate six passengers can usually seat 7-8 people. Plus, we’ve already covered plenty of vehicles that see seven or more passengers (all the way up to 12 passengers in fact), so we had to make a few judgment calls about what to cover here.

We decided to cover several of the best 6-passenger trucks in addition to a few 7-passenger cars we haven’t yet talked about. So, all the cars in this article can seat either six or seven people, and you’ll find a good mix of trucks, SUVs and cars. Additionally, we wanted to give a bit more attention to hybrid options, since there are a few good ones in the 6-7 passenger range.

So, check out our hodge-podge, melting-pot-style list of our favorite 6 passenger vehicles for 2014.

Mazda5$24,67022/2862.5L I-44.3
Toyota Tundra$36,65513/1765.7L V-84.6
Ford F-150$43,28514/1965.0L V-84.8
Lexus GX460$60,71515/2074.6L V-84.7
Toyota Highlander Hybrid$49,79028/2873.5L V-64.3
Buick Enclave$48,31516/2273.6L V-64.9
Volvo XC90$47,40016/2373.2L I-64.1
Infiniti QX60 Hybrid$46,40025/2872.5L I-44.3
Chevrolet Silverado 3500HD$45,96013/1966.0L V-84.5
GMC Sierra 1500$45,41016/2265.3L V-84.8

Now that you’ve seen a bunch of different options, let’s dive into the details of a few of the best on the list. We’ve tried to run the gamut here, and given you in-depth reviews of a range of different 6 passenger vehicles. Check them out!

2014 Ford F-150

6 passenger vehiclesThe Ford F-150 has been America’s best-selling truck for quite a while, and it’s held these honors for a few good reasons. First, people who buy this truck typically want a very capable vehicle – something that can do stuff and do it well. The F-150 can certainly do a lot of stuff. It has some of the highest towing and hauling ratings in its class.

In 2014, Ford introduced a sport option to the F-150 line called the “Tremor,” the first sport-class model in the series.  It’s a decidedly nimbler, more powerful model; however, it does not seat six. We just wanted to clarify that for those looking at the sport option, since the Tremor only comes with a standard cab. However, if you’re looking for a special edition F-150 that seats six or more, you can get the King Ranch and Harley-Davidson editions.

Aside from the addition of the Tremor, the F-150 largely carries over its specs from last year, including the EcoBoost V6 Turbo, an engine we absolutely love; for such a large truck, it offers better-than-average fuel economy with performance rivaling the best in this class – even if the MPG could be improved, which is something we’d like to see from Ford in the coming years.

Comfort, quality and safety ratings for the 2014 F-150 are all near the top. In fact, the IIHS has called the truck one of its Top Safety Picks. Additionally, this pickup comes with some of the best tech options available, especially for a truck. If you’re someone who enjoys tweaking out your rides with lots of options, you’ll have no shortage to choose from.

2014 Infiniti QX60 Hybrid

The Infiniti QX60 is essentially a re-branding of Infiniti’s JX line. So, this car is basically the same car as the JX from 2013; Infiniti is now labeling its coupes and sedans with “QX” and “Q.”

If you remember from last year, the Infiniti JX broke new ground for the carmaker with its third row of seats, since it was the only vehicle they offered that had a third row of seats and wasn’t a truck. This car doesn’t quite have the oomph of its 2014 cousins, like the QX70 or QX80, making it a more family-oriented vehicle – especially in its hybrid iteration.

Despite its new name, the QX still looks like a JX, and we think that’s totally okay; it’s a slick, contemporary look that balances luxury with just a hint of aggression.

However, the hybrid edition of this car is new. This includes the hybrid engine: a supercharged 2.4L 4-cylinder engine pairs with a 15-kilowatt electric motor to put out around 250 horsepower at the wheels. Two twin clutches link the motors to Nissan’s now-familiar continuously variable tranny. You can get this car with either a front-wheel or all-wheel drivetrain.

The Infiniti QX60 gets relatively high marks across the board. It does best in comfort, with plenty of room in its third-row seats, but loses a few points in performance. Overall, this is a good, balanced car and a solid all-rounder for the medium-to-large family.

2014 Buick Enclave

The 2014 Buick Enclave lives in a weird limbo between minivan and station wagon, and it manages to pull it off swimmingly. In fact, it was a bit of a gamble for Buick to make a 6 passenger vehicle that is neither a minivan nor a station wagon; however, in doing so, they’ve create a car that completely sidesteps the stigma of those genres. It’s really its own car in its own, private little genre.

This is a sub-$40,000 car that really does yield a lot of luxury for the price tag – nearly on par with some of the other luxury automakers in the class. The principle strengths of the Enclave are by far the comfort, features and safety.

In the comfort category, the Enclave earns high marks for its exceptionally comfortable seats and ample room for all riders, making it an excellent choice for road trips. Seats are wide, soft and come with heating and ventilation systems, making them great whether it’s hot or cold. The overall comfort combines with a host of on-board features to make the Enclave feel like a veritable hotel suite.

This car also gets top marks for safety. Both the Traffic Safety Administration and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety have given the 2014 Enclave top safety ratings. It’s the only care on this list that scores a 10/10 for safety.

The only blemishes on this car’s record is its fuel economy, which is par for the course but not stellar, and it’s performance, which is also about middle-of-the-pack.

2014 GMC Sierra

If you remember 2013, you remember that GMC’s full-size pickups were lagging behind the rest of the class. They’ve remedied this in 2014 with substantial upgrades to their full-size trucks, including the Sierra. Some of this year’s upgrades include sleeker and more luxurious cabins, better overall performance and better fuel economy.

Even before this year, when GMC’s trucks were lagging a bit behind, they still had great towing and hauling capacity. They’re even better now, making the functionality of this line one of its hallmarks. This thing really can pull a ton of weight.

Additionally, 2014 gives the Sierra its first visual update in seven years. The new look still keeps the same rough-and-tumble style while slightly updating a few of the features to look a bit more contemporary. However, GMC keeps the polished metallic chrome front ends we’re used to, which have become a major part of its Sierra brand. If you’re a traditionalist and aesthetics is one of your major considerations, this style may be more comfortable than Ford’s Tonka-Truck look.

With all its upgrades, the Sierra gets very high marks for all its features. Similar to the F-150 this thing comes loaded down with options (if you want them). However, despite its improvements in MPG, the fuel economy still leaves something to be desired.

2014 Lexus GX40

Although the Lexus GX40 is a bit of a mixed bag this year, we still like it for those who will mostly be driving themselves around and will only occasionally be hauling bigger groups (or kids, who probably don’t care too much about the nuances of whatever car they’re riding in).

Why? Basically, because the driver and passenger seats ride like a dream, while everything in the back is slightly mediocre. Still, the GX40 provides a great driving experience and comes with the same old Lexus luxury you’d expect.

Along the luxury lines, the GX40 comes fully equipped with all the technical bells and whistles available at this price range, including navigation (with live navigation support) and smartphone connectivity. Additionally, the Lexus provides its proprietary on-board software, Enform, which gives you access to all kinds of goodies, such as weather, stock quotes and sports scores. The GX40 has nearly every feature of other cars in this class – except one, which is conspicuously absent: a power hatch. But, hey, you can’t have it all, right?

Despite its remarkable suite of luxury features, the GX40’s MPG puts a major blemish on its report card. The actual numbers may not look too bad (15MPG in the city, 20MPG on the highway), but the car requires premium gasoline, which is going to cost you more in the long run anyway.

Overall, the GX40 is a great luxury car for the driver, a mediocre car if you’re riding in the back, and a slightly expensive car for anyone who’s going to be filling up the tank often.