The Best Budget Cars Under $5000 (New and Used)

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Picking out a budget car can be a hassle; you worry about its history, its reliability, its performance and much more. After all, many cars are only selling for five grand for a reason. You might balk at these options, as there is the perception that they are usually populated by families trying to get rid of junkers that their college-bound kid won’t want …

Our Favorite 6 Passenger Vehicles of 2014

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If you’re looking for 6 passenger vehicles, you’re probably looking for a multi-purpose vehicle, which is why you’ll find so many trucks in this class. They can do everything – haul your family around while hauling a big load or towing a camper.

However, the 6 passenger vehicle class is a bit of a weird class. Typically, the vehicles that can seat exactly 6 passengers …

2014’s Best 8 Passenger SUVs

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In our quest to bring you the absolute best information in comparative car analysis (the affectionate name we’ve given to our field of study), we’ve covered plenty of smaller cars and plenty of bigger cars. So, this article is a bit more precise. Here, we cover SUVs that carry exactly 8 people. No more. No less. Well, you can carry less if you want. But

Buying Guide to the Best Cars Under $10,000

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We get it, you’re on a budget. You would prefer not to spend the next several years paying off a car. Who would, right?! The purpose of this review is to bring you the best possible choices for cars under $10,000. However, before we proceed, we may need to make a few tiny sacrifices to get a car for under $10k. Most importantly, though, we …