Simply the Best! Here are the Best Car Shipping Companies

We’ve already talked about how to go about shipping your vehicle, so we thought we would take it one step further and let you know which shipping companies are the best.

The companies that we are suggesting are among the top in the country and have received lots of support from past customers as well as recognized businesses. So here we go, let’s take a look at the best car shipping companies!

Magic Carpet Auto Transport


Magic Carpet Auto Transport is a shipping company that is based out of Washington State and that services the entire country. This awesome company is one of the best and they have the good customer satisfaction ratings to back it up. They have over 200 five star ratings on their website and we fully expect that number to grow. Their staff is super nice and professional making it an absolute pleasure to do business with them.

Another great thing that Magic Carpet Auto Transport offers are free quotes. You are able to obtain a free quote from their website as well as call for one over the phone. Either way you choose to do so will be a breeze and you will be able to get the information that you are in need of.

It is important to find a good deal when deciding on a company to ship your car and Magic Carpet Auto Transport certainly tries to offer one. They have very competitive pricing and are keen on working with you to beat other quotes you may have already received. They provide excellent service and are for sure one of the best car shipping companies.

Direct Express Auto Transport

Another fantastic company that would do a great job shipping your car is Direct Express Auto Transport. They are a fully licensed and bonded company that is very professional with a great staff to support them. They too are located in Washington State, but that is not an issue if you are located elsewhere as they offer service nationwide.

 Direct Express Auto Transport is an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau and they currently have an A+ rating with them as well. On top of the great marks from the BBB are the great testimonials from their past customers. Their website has a review section that is bursting with virtual high fives from happy customers. If you have any reservations about this company, a quick look at their site will surely put your mind at ease.

There website is incredibly easy to navigate and use. There is a section that allows you to request a free quote online that you will receive instantly after filling out a small bit of information. Direct Express Auto Transport offers many different services and is very likely to have one that will match your budget.

Domestic Auto

car-shipping-cyprusNow we move on to Domestic Auto and we are confident in saying that they too are one of the best car shipping companies around. They are highly professional and a great company to work with. They strive to make the shipping process as easy on their customers as possible and they do a pretty good job at it too. This is all very evident in the high customer satisfaction rating that is proudly on display on their website. We scanned through roughly 30 pages of reviews and did not find one negative comment or rating below five stars.

There is a very easy instant quote option available on the website that will give you the information you want. You are also able to call their very friendly office to receive a quote as well. If you do decide to proceed with Domestic Auto as the company that will ship your car, you will likely be pleasantly surprised that you they do not require a deposit or upfront fee. They allow you to pay once the car is picked up that way you are provided the peace of mind in knowing that your car will arrive at its destination and that you are going to be getting what you pay for.

Domestic Auto offers a few different types of transport depending on what your shipping needs are as well as the location that you will need to be serviced in as well. They offer door to door shipping from state to state if that is needed. You will also have the option of choosing enclosed or open transport which will depend on the vehicle, your price range and where it is being delivered.


AmeriFreight is one of the most well known car shipping companies in the United Stated. Their professionalism is widely known and celebrated by their Better Business Bureau accreditation as well as the stellar A+ rating they’ve received. If their positive marks from the BBB aren’t quite enough to ease your mind, feel free to review the many wonderful reviews that AmeriFreight has received from their many customers.

This company is so well known and well liked that they are the first choice for many big companies throughout the United States. AmeriFreight is also the go to company for the military and police force to use when they need a company to transport their vehicles. That right there is a pretty decent chunk of credibility if we’ve ever heard of one.

AmeriFreight also has a very convenient quote system on their website that allows you to obtain one instantly after entering the necessary information. They also have office staff that is fluent in both English and Spanish to help you over the phone if that is your preferred method of receiving a quote. There are several different service options available and they are very willing to work with you to find a discounted rate for the job.

Nationwide Transport Services

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALast on our list, but not least for certain is the shipping company, Nationwide Transport Services. As their name suggests they truly do ship cars all around the United States even though their home base is in sunny South Florida. To accommodate their booming business they do have satellite offices around the country that ensure that all of their customers are taken care of.

Nationwide Transport Services has quality service that is evident by the glowing reviews left by their customers on their website as well as on their Facebook page. Their staff is extremely knowledgeable and very helpful when contacted over the phone. They too are fluent in English and Spanish so that they are able to reach a wide customer pool and provide excellent customer service while doing so. The representative that you speak with from the start will remain with you throughout your shipping experience as well, which really makes this a personalized experience.

They too have an easy instant quote feature on their super easy to navigate website that only requires a small amount of information to generate. We really love that Nationwide Transport Services has their very own phone and tablet application that allows their customers to gets quotes, check on the status of your shipment as well as make your payment. It is a pretty awesome way to stay current and ahead of the pack.

There are a variety of shipping options offered here as well. They do offer open and enclosed auto transport services, door to door pick-up and delivery and they can transport as many cars as necessary. A few other added perks from Nationwide Transport Services are that they are fully licensed and insured, they have back up tracks on hand at all times should the one transporting your vehicle experience issues and they have several super convenient payment options. It is easy to see why we think they are one of the best car shipping companies.